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If more Insulation may be needed

Look at your attic, if the insulation level is meeting or below the floor joists

If insulation may be sufficient

....Check for common air leaks

Go around the house and visually inspect for any cracks or other small openings in common leak sites. Click the image above to see common air leaks. 

Energy Star recommends a few simple ways  to check if your attic insulation levels are up to par

Tests you can perform to check insulation 



Hot or cold Ceilings, walls, rooms or any uneven temperature

High heating or cooling bills

Ice Dams

(ice accumulation)

Energy Efficiency | Insulation

Do I need new attic insulation?

Here are some common symptoms and quick tests to help you determine if you need new attic insulation

You can simply check to see if what the R-value is imprinted on the batts on your  existing insulation  OR you can use a tape measure to see the depth of insulation (inches) and calculate the r-value using Energystar's table

Measuring insulation levels....

Quick check for insulation

Again, looking at your attic, if you can't see any floor joists because of insualtion, you may have enough insulation

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Attic Insulation

Have an insulated attic is an important component in energy efficiency. Have  properly installed insulation has many benefits other than energy efficiency. In extreme climates attic insulation provides extra protection against hot  and cold air. Adding insulation is not very difficult and be do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Use the information below to help determine if new attic insulation may be necessary.

Ventilation: How it supports attic insulation and improves energy efficiency 

It may seem contradictory to have ventilation in your attic where insulation is found, however, adding a ventilation system to your attic prevents issues down the road. Additionally, the attic space and the area you live in are completely different areas with their own insulation and energy efficiency requirements. How insulation and ventilation work together to increase energy efficiency can be confusing; a general rule of thumb to follow is that the more insulation you add to your attic the more ventilation is needed too.  To understand more in how ventilation helps, please see our Ventilation page. 

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