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Curb Mounted

Curb mounted skylights consist of an insulated glass lens sealed into a protective metal frame. Furthermore, curb mounted skylights are constructed with a 'maintenance free' interior frame and sash that insulates and strengthens the unit. Blinds, controls, and other accessories are available.


Dome Mounted Skylights

Dome skylights are usually fixed skylights that are primarily found on flat commercial rooftops. Due to the weight balance conditions, these skylights are best mounted on flat roofs. Nonetheless, their application can extend beyond commercial use as long as the appropriate conditions exist.



Houzz has a great article that explains how skylights can be very beneficial; overall skylights exist to allow natural light in an area. Sure traditional windows exist to allow the same concept, however, skylights are a 'step up' to introduce aerial light into an area that not only makes that space brighter but also more beautiful and natural with the look of the skylights vented overhead. There are two main options when it comes to skylights: fixed (no vent for air) or venting (vent for air). Below you will find more information about the types skylights that can have venting or fixed properties.

Manual Venting Skylights

Primarily designed where curb and mounted installations can occur, manually vented skylights are easy to open and easy to install. A smooth turning handle is available from control rods that allow the user to manually open up the skylights to allow exterior air to come in.



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Sun Tunnel Skylights

In the situations where other skylights or roof windows can't be installed, Sun Skylights are commonly used.  Sun skylights provide natural light to any area while occupying minimal space in doing so. Flexible skylight tunnels are used when the distance between the roof and the ceiling is too small or too great for a straight – or rigid – tunnel on almost any roof which makes it easy for installation. Sun Skylights can come pitched (straight up) Low-profile (angled with roof) or glass (flat sleek surface).


Deck Mounted

Deck skylights are considered one of the most versatile skylights, as they encapsulate an insulated glass lens, a pre-finished white wood frame and a protective aluminum/copper that can be mounted to any roof.


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